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I’m a visual artist who lives in the UK. I paint, draw, and use digital imagery. I use social media platforms to engage people in projects which interact with popular culture in a playful and humorous way…

Like this-

‘Existential Clarkson’ is a web-based illustration project which began in 2015, utilising social media platform Facebook to engage an audience of around 10,000. Originally the illustrations were produced by me, the project has grown to include contributions from others.

And this-

‘Cage Against the Machine’ was a collaborative project originated by me having the idiotic idea to get John Cage’s ‘silent’ composition 4’33” into the UK music charts for Christmas 2010. Developing an audience of around 85,000 via Facebook, the ‘Cage Against the Machine’ recording of ‘silence’ reached 21 in the UK music charts. This project was included in the ‘Sounds like Silence’ exhibition in the Dortmunder U gallery, Dortmund Germany in 2012.

And also this-

works on paper and digital images exploring themes such as place, identity and memory.