Cage Against the Machine


Hilliard was the originator of a 2010 collaborative project which proposed releasing John Cage’s infamous ‘silent song’, 4’33’’ into the UK music charts at Christmas time.

Using social media platform Facebook to develop audience engagement of around 80,000, the project attracted international press attention and led to a recording of 4’33” reaching 21 in the UK music charts.

Sales of the ‘Cage Against the Maching’ recording raised several thousand pounds for charities including music therapy and the men’s suicide prevention charity CALM. It was subsequently included in ‘Sounds like Silence’, a 2013 exhibition celebrating John Cage’s 100th anniversary at the Dortmunder U gallery, Dortmund, Germany.

John Cage timeline from ‘Sounds like Silence’ exhibition, 2013

Sounds like Silence exhibition

Guardian article about Cage Against the Machine